Worship for Christmas Day 2020

Welcome!  Join us in our special service of worship for Christmas Day, led by lay preacher Karen Smith

We gather on this Christmas Day as do so many congregations from around the world.  We have journeyed together in song, prayer, scripture, praise and worship throughout this season of Advent on the Road to Bethlehem.  We have been assured of the hope, love, peace, and joy that exists because of the birth of a child – Emmanuel – God with us.  May we experience this Christmas Day not as the end of a journey, but the continuation of one as a disciple of Jesus Christ, the one we celebrate!

Many thanks to Bridget and Robert Mitchell for the candle lighting meditation, and to Kirsten for the reading.  Thanks to Anna Smith too, for leading the responses.

All other credits are as on the Order of Service.

Click here for an Order of Service.

Click here for an Order of Service in ‘large print’ format.

Our Candle Lighting Meditation can be downloaded here.

Subtitles can be accessed once the video is playing. Click on the CC square, the first icon at the bottom of the right side of the video.

(For all copyright licences click here.)

You can now dial in to listen to the service. Please pass on the following information to anyone you feel might be helped by this (eg if they don’t have a computer). The recording will be available throughout the week.

The audio service is accessed by dialling this number: 01252 978350. You will hear a recorded voice say, ‘Welcome. The Fleet and Beacon Hill United Reformed Church Service will play shortly’; and then there is quite a long pause before the service cuts in. (Please be patient as this can take a while.) The cost of the call is your normal charge for an 01252 phone call.

Click here to watch all worship videos from Fleet and Beacon Hill United Reformed Churches on our YouTube channel.


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