Winter Morning

Who can regard the sun?
The Blood Red SunIts all-revealing rays
Dazzle the eyes of those
Who too directly gaze,
Yet when moisture charged the air
The sun, a soft red ball,
Muted, its glittering glaze
Rose in the winter dawn.

So, if we seek God’s face,
We cannot see it plain.
Its radiant holiness
Half-hidden must remain
Through sheer excess of light,
Yet in the winter dark
God came to you and me;
Our God in human form
For all the world to see.

Sheila Durbin

(Image: The Blood Red Sun, courtesy of flickr/The Future is Feline)

One comment on “Winter Morning

  1. Reflection
    Was Christmas a fantasy?
    Did all the spending really happen?
    Did the world rest in creation,
    Did we understand?
    Was it just a moment of insanity,
    A festival of vanity?
    Or in the deep unconscious
    Did we remember
    The first significant birth
    That heralded redemption-
    Before we destroyed the Earth.

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