Why Pray?

Vision4Life logoThis year the Vision4Life programme is focussing on Prayer, and at our Bible Study in February a group of us came together to consider the nature and practice of prayer.

The way we pray probably says something about the kind of God in whom we believe.

Praying HandsWe started by listing some things that made us either glad or wary in prayer.  Then, in groups, we looked at some passages in Acts which recount times of prayer in the early church.  It seemed that in any problem or venture the early Christians gathered together to pray, and found inspiration and strength in so doing.  They depended on the Holy Spirit, and this resulted in boldness in word and action.

The question was asked: ‘What are we doing when we pray?’  We came up with the following list:

  • Seeking relationship with God and each other;
  • Aligning ourselves with God’s values;
  • Acknowledging our faith;
  • Seeking forgiveness, help and guidance;
  • Voicing our thoughts and listening;
  • Focussing on God, and acting as a channel.

We ended our time together in prayer.

Jill Durbin

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