What We Believe

URC_LogoThe Nature, Faith and Order in the United Reformed Church

As a Reformed denomination we adhere to a statement which binds all the United Reformed Churches together. This statement is important to each congregation as it forms our values and beliefs through our Basis of Union.  

A Summary of our Statement of Faith:

As a congregation in the Reformed Tradition, we are very committed to:

  • The Priesthood of All Believers, having no hierarchy.
  • The Ministry of the whole people of God, all equally sharing in God’s mission.
  • The centrality of the Bible, exploring who wrote each part; when they wrote it; why they wrote it; to whom they wrote it; and for what purpose – and as we explore scripture together the Word of God comes to us.
  • The Church needing to be reformed and ever in need of reforming in obedience to our risen Lord.
  • Being separate from the State, so that we can witness to the State.
  • Jesus as the only head of the Church – there is no other.

You can read the full text of The Nature, Faith and Order in the United Reformed Church here.  See also the United Reformed Church website.