Website for August/September

The website of Ship of Fools is a comprehensive site, consisting of a community board, light hearted discussion on a variety of topics, and the humorous ‘Gadgets for God’…

However one area is well worth a visit.  The ‘mystery worshippers’ are volunteers who just ‘turn up’ at a regular Sunday morning church service, and then secretly write a report about the service, and put it on the website!

Their comments include what type of welcome they received, the style of preaching, attendance numbers, style of worship… plus a rating of the service out of 10!!

ship-of-fools.comIf you scroll down the mystery worshipper section, you can read reports on hundreds of UK churches from all the denominations that have been targeted.  Churches only know that they have been ‘visited’ when an email is sent with the report.

Interesting reading…  As far as I can see, Fleet URC has not been included – but you never know!


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