URC Minister Preaches Support at St Paul’s

St Paul's Cathedral

The Revd Dr Kevin Snyman, a URC minister, was among a number of religious leaders who spoke during a “Sermon on the Steps” event outside St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday 29 October.

Dr Snyman’s words were heard by around 1,200 people, the vast majority of which were supporters of the Occupy London camp in the cathedral piazza.

Asked why he supports the protest, Dr Snyman said: “I believe these isses of economic injustice are the most important facing our Church and our world today.  If the Church is not supporting Occupy, then is it not, by default, supporting the economic status quo?”

He continued: “I’m a nonconformist minister and I’m passionate about making sure the voice of protest and dissent is heard loudly – the world needs to hear it and the Church cannot afford to ignore it.”

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