The Story of Marcellus and Zedekiah

Our young people interpreted the story of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem in a very unusual way on Palm Sunday – from the point of view of a horse and a donkey.  This is the story of Marcellus the horse and Zedekiah the donkey:

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Today we would like to present the story of Palm Sunday, not through the eyes of humans, but through the eyes of a horse and a donkey:

I am called Marcellus, and I am a magnificent Roman horse.  I live in a wonderful stable, and I am cared for by many stable hands, my servants.  You should see my bridle and saddle.  They are covered in precious jewels and gold thread on the carved leather.  I belong to Pontius Pilate, who is the Governor of Jerusalem.  We are very important, and life is very exciting for me.

My name is Zedekiah.  I am a donkey colt.  I live here in Jerusalem with my mother and my master.  We don’t have a posh stable, but we are well looked after.  Wherever my Mum goes, I follow.  She has said that I will always live with her, as our master needs two donkeys.

One other thing is that I am always at the front of every procession.  It wouldn’t be a procession if I wasn’t in the lead.  Funny thing, though, when we came to Jerusalem the crowd didn’t cheer us.  Oh well – perhaps they don’t know how; but they will soon learn how to cheer because I am Marcellus the Magnificent.

ZedekiahNot a lot happens in my life, and some days I am really bored.  All we do is take stuff to and from the markets in Jerusalem.  I wish I could have an adventure; and do you know, I have never ever been ridden!  But, what’s this?  Two men are coming to our stable with our master!  They are untying Mum and are leading her away!  I don’t think I have been sold as they didn’t give any money to our master.  “I’m coming, Mum!”  I’m following her like I always do.  Wow!  Where are we going?  Are we having an adventure at long last?

What’s that noise?  I can hear cheering and shouting.  At long last, a procession and – guess what? – they do know how to cheer!  Hurry up, my stable boys, you need to get me ready!

I am a little scared because as we are walking along, there are lots of people shouting “Hosanna!” and waving.  Some are putting cloaks on my back as well.  Oh, I think I am about to have my first rider!  Mum – I’m a bit nervous!

Come on, come on!  The procession is getting closer, and it sounds as if it’s a large one.  Where are my servants with my saddle and bridle?  Hurry, we will miss it!

Palm SundayZedekiah:
Oh no!  The crowd is parting and I can see a man coming towards me.  Will he be riding me?  Will he be heavy?  And will I behave myself?
Then I look at his face and he is smiling and patting my head and Mum’s.  He looks so kind and gentle.  Now he’s getting on my back, and we are starting towards Jerusalem.  People are shouting “Hosanna!  Blessed is he!” and placing palm leaves at our feet.  He must be a King, and he is on my back!  But he is so light to carry!

Well, the stable hands are too late…  I can hear the procession passing by – we have missed it, and my master will not be impressed.  Well, all I can hope is that all that shouting is for some very worthy animal and his master.  It must be a very special horse to receive such a welcome – not just a nobody!

If only Marcellus knew the truth…..  BUT WE DO!

(from Barnabas in Schools)

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