Sunday Worship for 11th October 2020 – The Upside Down Kingdom of Heaven

Our Minister, Reverend Ruth Dillon, led us in our live service on Zoom this week, sharing her thoughts about the Upside Down Kingdom of Heaven.

Special thanks to our readers, who are Kathy Le Fanu and Karen Smith of Beacon Hill URC, and to our organist, Nessie Black.

Click here for an Order of Service: as MS Word document; as PDF.

Click here for an Order of Service in ‘large print’ format: as MS Word document; as PDF.

Subtitles can be accessed once the video is playing. Click on the CC square, the first icon at the bottom of the right side of the video.

(For all copyright licences click here; then, ‘Show More’.)

You can now dial in to listen to the service. Please pass on the following information to anyone you feel might be helped by this (eg if they don’t have a computer). The recording will be available throughout the week.

The audio service is accessed by dialling this number: 01252 978350. You will hear a recorded voice say, ‘Welcome. The Fleet and Beacon Hill United Reformed Church Service will play shortly’; and then there is quite a long pause before the service cuts in. (Please be patient as this can take a while.) The cost of the call is your normal charge for an 01252 phone call.

Click here to watch all worship videos from Fleet and Beacon Hill United Reformed churches on our YouTube channel.

URC Audio Service

Every Sunday the URC Daily Devotions team sends out a church service in both written and audio format. This has the feel of a radio service, and is in familiar URC style.

Sunday’s service explores the theme of the Parable of the Wedding feast and led by the Rev’d John Grundy. The service will be a celebration of Holy Communion so you may wish to have bread and wine, or suitable alternatives at hand. The hymns include John Bell and Graham Moule’s Jesus Call Us Here to Meet Him, Edward Plumptyre’s Thy Hand O God Has Guided, Leith Fisher’s For Your Generous Providing, the Sanctus and Agnus Dei by Paul Inwood and the Zulu song We are Marching.

The order of worship is here, and the recording of the service is here.
To sign up to receive these services directly to your own Inbox follow this link.

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