Star In the East

A Star in the East

Magi in their mystery,
Studying the skies,
First received the message
That a king should rise.

Many duties claimed them,
Cares of peace and war;
Far and faint the promise
Offered by a star.

Yet the wise men followed,
Taking various ways,
Trusting in the portent
Many nights and days.

So the star led onward
Till, at the due hour,
There they found a baby
Bearer of God’s power.

Child of strength in weakness,
Sent at love’s command,
May all people seek you
Out of every land.

To all those who find you
A gift beyond compare
And if our hearts are open
God’s Son will enter there.

Sheila Durbin

Sheila Durbin’s book of collected poems, ‘Catching the Light’, is now available, price £3.50, from LivingStones Bookshop in Fleet Road, Fleet, or by contacting John Gibbons on 01252 614200.

Image: A Star in the East, William Ladd Taylor

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