Silent Communion

On Thursday I was a silent participator in my first Silent Communion.  What an experience!

We sat in a circle with Stephen as our guide.  It was a strange feeling.  I felt very peaceful and yet excited at the same time.

Bread and wineEven though I had never attended a ‘Silent’ Communion before, it was amazing that with a few hand signals from Stephen I knew what to do.  I knew what he was presenting to us – there was no need for words as we could use the words that were in our own minds, making it a very personal service.

I have taken communion in many places and for many years, but I think last night was the first time I felt that I was actually part of the service, and may I say I felt as if it was my first communion again.  I felt refreshed and energised with this powerful but intimate service.

Thank you, Stephen, for sharing this experience with me.

Darrell Henderson

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