Proud to Support ShelterBoxes

Tim Vile was invited to our recent Mission Service to talk about ShelterBoxes and their essential role in providing emergency aid and shelter in all parts of the world.  He brought a box along with him and showed us the principal components: an eight man tent (or durable tarpaulins), plus water purification equipment and hand tools.

Tim Vile, a former firefighter based in Farnborough, is a first responder for the charity, and can be deployed at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world to assess needs following a disaster, and to coordinate local and international aid on the ground.  He and a colleague work closely with local agencies and government bodies to ensure that aid is delivered effectively and efficiently to where it is most needed.

Tim has recently returned from Somalia and the Philippines, and was previously in the Gulf of Mexico following the hurricane damage.  His informative presentation was much appreciated by the congregation, and he was presented with a cheque on behalf of Fleet URC to purchase a box.  Our young people will be able to trace the box to see where it has been used.

To read more about the work of ShelterBoxes, click here.


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  1. A billiant charity which needs to be advertised more. It will be interesting to hear of our box and where it goes. Keep us posted Footsteps!

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