Prayers in a Pandemic

The URC Daily Devotion writers have been asked to write prayers to bring us comfort and spiritual support during the Coronavirus pandemic.  We are invited to use these devotions in our private prayers and prayer groups.

Each Thursday a new prayer will be published here:

This week’s, by the Revd Andy Braunston, is reprinted below:

O God,
as we journey through these long Lenten days,
give us both respite and food for the journey.
Help us grieve with those who have lost loved ones to this plague.
Help us support those who nurse and care for the critically ill.
Help us to show love by keeping our distance.
And help us, O God, to rejoice 
as the vaccine is rolled out, 
lives are saved, 
and our world starts slowly to spring to life again.

By the Revd Andy Braunston


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