Pilots Celebrate 75 Years

Sunday 3rd July was a very special day at our church, when we held a double celebration.

At the start of morning service baby Keir Eugene Mercer Mercer family baptismwas brought for baptism by his parents, Sharon and Harry Mercer.  They were well supported by all their family and friends, and it was wonderful to see the many visiting children who came too.

The rest of the service was devoted to a special Pilots 75th Anniversary75th Anniversary service for the Pilots, which is the national children’s organisation sponsored by the United Reformed Church.  The service was led by Pilot leaders, and by the children themselves, who took us on a journey through the various decades since the organisation was founded in 1931.  The children had spent many weeks learning Pilots Serviceabout recent history in preparation for the anniversary, and it was obvious that they had had a lot of fun in doing so.  The result of their hard work was shown by all the different artefacts and information on display around the church.

Cutting the cakeAfter the service, everyone was invited to share in refreshments, which included a special celebration cake made by Maureen Coney.  This was followed by a barbecue, and a time of fellowship and fun.

For lots more photos see the Gallery.

For more information about Pilots go to www.pilots.org.uk or contact Bee Griffiths on 01252 660599.

One comment on “Pilots Celebrate 75 Years

  1. What a wonderful service! So much hard work was put in by the Leaders and Children.
    It made me laugh to think I “remembered” so much about the items displayed and learnt a lot as well.
    The Children did a brilliant job presenting the different decades with such confidence.
    I really enjoyed the after event as well.
    Thank you Pilots, you were “Brilliant”!

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