Visit to Palani Mission, October 2019 – Part 1

In October 2019 our Minister, Revd Ruth Dillon, made a second trip to Palani Mission in Tamil Nadu, this time accompanied by Bee Griffiths and Val Cox.  To read her Summary Report on the visit, please click on the button below:

Summary of Visit to Palani Mission, Tamil Nadu, October 2019

Here you can see additional photos for each of the projects that were identified:

  • The Goat Project

The goat project was immensely successful last year, and this year the church bought 16 additional goats for 8 more families.  When the goats produce kids the families are able to sell them to enable them to buy food, support children’s education, and buy medical items.

Photos of the Goat Project:

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  • Roofing

Housing, and in particular roofing, was also a major concern for Revd John.  There are many different types of housing in Palani, ranging from the rural vegetation house to the concrete houses in Palani itself.  However the slum areas are more challenging as they are built from clay and in wet weather the floors turn into mud pools due to the inadequate roofing.  It was decided to pay for new roofs for three of the houses in the slum area.

Different Types of Houses in Palani

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Arti lives in a hut in the slum area, along with her two grandchildren.  When her daughter and family visit the small space houses four additional people.  Hers will be one of the homes to have a new roof.  The new roofs will be waterproof and hard-wearing.

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  • The Borehole Project

Palani had had no proper rain for four years – until Ruth, Bee and Val arrived!  The wells are shallow, dirty, full of disease, and polluted in every way.  It was decided to fund a borehole to enable people in the community to access clean water, thus becoming more healthy.

Photos showing the existing well, the church where the new borehole will be sited, and the area round about.

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  • Funding a Medical Camp

It was agreed to fund a free monthly medical clinic run by staff from the Mission Hospital.  Puliampatty was identified as being a place of need, and the first clinic has subsequently taken place.  Many serious health conditions have already been identified and treated.

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  • Sponsorship of Midwives

Two new girls are undertaking the two-year course to become qualified midwives – Sowmiya and Elamathi.  They were brought up in the church and their parents, who are coconut collectors, are very supportive.  Sheeba John, the wife of Revd John Abraham, is a nurse tutor and will be supporting the girls.

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  • Sponsorship of Grace and her daughter

Ruth and Bee first met Grace last year.  She has a disabled daughter, Perses, and her husband Rajil is one of the evangelists at Palani Mission.  Some money was allocated for education for Perses, but it was clear during this visit that Grace and her family were living in a difficult and unsafe environment.  Her home was a building with one room, no doors or windows, and with snakes and scorpions outside.

It was agreed that it would be better to rehouse Grace to a Christian area close to the school Perses will be attending.  Grace was delighted with her new home  – a clean, ground floor flat, with two rooms, and a kitchen with running water.  Grace’s disabled daughter, Perses, and her baby son, John Heavenson, will be safe there.

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Grace and family, off to visit their new home: