Palani Mission – 2021 Update

The Long-Awaited Well is finally in Place

After much debate and several permit submissions to the local authorities by Reverend John, the drilling machine was finally allowed to position itself over the chosen site adjacent to Palani Mission Church.

From the very outset, and with God’s help and grace, we had hoped to transform the lives of as many people as possible within the local community, and none more so than with this project.  The well supplies fresh water every minute of the day, tested and safe to drink, free of contamination and disease. 

Reverend John coordinates the regular chemical analysis from his pharmacy at the hospital.

The need to walk a great distance upstream along the river for a container of invariably soiled water has been removed, at a cost of just over £1,000.  Everyone, Christian Hindu, or of no faith, is welcomed to the well.

Below – some photos of the well as it was being built:

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Some Recent Photos from the Mission

We have recently received the following photos showing the continuing work of the mission: children’s ministry, leaders’ meetings, cottage meetings in different fields, a wedding and a baptism.

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