Of Gravity and Other Forces

My sister Jill and I recently moved into a flat which has many pleasing features, and we have settled there very contentedly.  However nothing is perfect, and the flat presents two rather mystifying problems.

Firstly, the power of gravity seems to have greatly increased since we came here.  Jill says that the frequency with which objects fall off the small table next to my chair is due to the fact that I pile up too much on it, but she is wrong.  The books, magazines, letters, pads, pencils, biros and heaps of small change – so handy when needed – are perfectly securely stacked until destabilized by a sudden surge of gravity.

Lost thingsThen there is the fact that the flat appears to be an outlying province or colony of the Bermuda Triangle, in which ships and aeroplanes disappear, never to be seen again.  Of course nothing so large disappears here, but this characteristic was evident from the beginning when a mirror, which I had taken to my bedroom to be hung along with some pictures, vanished and has eluded all efforts to find it.  Next, various papers of greater or less importance disappeared without trace.  Then my keys were the victim of this mysterious power.  I know I had not lost them outside as I had let myself in shortly before discovering their loss.

But nothing – nothing prepared me for the most recent manifestation.  I was in my bedroom where I have two stackable chest of drawer units, one on top of another, when I heard a loud crash.  incredulousI had hardly registered the fact that the top unit had fallen to the floor when it vanished leaving not even a swirl of dust.  I stood rooted, stunned and incredulous.  Then I awoke, and behold it was a dream and the room was full of the cheerful light of morning.  But this dream, like Biblical dreams, I believe carried a message.  Just so will all our temporal worries and problems vanish like mist in the dawning light of eternity.

Sheila Durbin

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