Nurturing Faith Group

An opportunity to meet together on Zoom to explore a Bible passage in a relaxed atmosphere of fellowship, debate and discussion.

Standing in the Sandals of the Prophets

The date of our next meeting is Monday, 18th October at 11 am, when we will continue our new adventure, delving into the ministry of some of the lesser known prophets of the Old Testament. 

As we approach the Advent and Christmas season we start our preparations by visiting the words of the prophet Isaiah.  In October we will think about the ‘Message of Immanuel’ which is found in some of the early chapters in Isaiah. In November we will hear more about the ‘Prince of Peace’ by delving into later chapters. In December, at a meeting brought forward to 6 December as Christmas preparations get underway, the discussion will turn to ‘Singing the Songs of Christmas found in Luke’s Gospel’. Lay preacher Karen Smith leads this group, and distributes notes before the meeting to guide our discussion and give us a starting point to set the context.

It would be helpful if you could read the text beforehand; but do come along even if you haven’t had the chance to do this.  Please apply to the church secretary for an invitation if you haven’t received one.

Isaiah – Background Notes for October

In July and September we explored the book of Amos.

Amos – Background Notes for September Amos – Background Notes for July

In April and May we stepped in to Nehemiah’s sandals to learn about the man, his life in Persia & his faith.

Nehemiah – Background Notes for April Nehemiah – Background Notes for May