New Church Rainbows Group

A warm welcome to our new Rainbows group – the 8th Fleet Rainbows – who meet in our church hall on Tuesdays between 4.30 and 5.30 pm.  There are 15 Rainbows and 4 leaders (‘Owl’, ‘Fox’, ‘Rabbit’ and ‘Kingfisher’).

During the first half term the girls have enjoyed getting to know each other, playing games together, colouring in rainbows, decorating cakes and biscuits and making crowns and wands for a princess-themed meeting.

Church Family: Harvest 2015

We were delighted that our new Rainbows could join us at our Harvest Parade service, along with the 1st Fleet West Rainbows and the 4th and 8th Fleet Brownies.

(Girls can have their names added to the waiting list for Rainbows or Brownies via the following link:

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