Mary Looks Back

Mary stands near the cross, and remembers the past.

Madonna and ChildJesus as a Boy

Those were happy times, Jesus.  Growing up in Nazareth.  With Dad always busy with his woodwork, making cradles and chairs and tables.  He was good with his hands, wasn’t he?  And you enjoyed doing what boys do – playing with your friends, and learning at the Synagogue school.  You always enjoyed Saturdays and the worship.  Then Dad died – it was so sad – but you jumped to it and helped me with the younger children – and you earned a living doing Dad’s job.  Those were happy times!

Jesus Begins His Main Work

Then, when the youngsters were old enough, you left home to tell the good news of God’s love – and to invite people into God’s Kingdom.  Strange, wasn’t it, that though many people followed, many others hated you for it.  Why, I wonder?  I suppose it was that you challenged their life – you disturbed them – showed them up for what they were.

Your friends were special people – women and men – and they looked after you.  People loved your stories, and how you cared for others.  But it couldn’t last!


Then you went up to Jerusalem at Passover – it was so dangerous.  The Jewish leaders didn’t like you – you showed them up; the Romans didn’t like you – you disturbed the peace; but the crowds loved you.  Yes, they did.  Then you had that meal with your friends, and you warned them that there was trouble ahead.  You all went to Gethsemane – there they arrested you – gave you a false trial – convicted you – and the crowd and all your friends ran away.  Why didn’t they stand by you, dear boy!

The Cross

Mary at the foot of the CrossYou know, Jesus, when you were only a few weeks old a Priest told Dad and me that it would all end in tears.  And now it has.  I can’t bear to see you dying on that cross!  What have you done to deserve this?  Why have all your friends run away?  Was it all worth it?  And what is going to happen now?  Is this the end …?  or maybe it’s just the beginning?  Where is the new world you have brought?  Oh!  Yes!!  I see it now!!  This is just the start … and yes, it has all been worthwhile!

Stephen M Thornton

picture (1) Orazio Gentileschi: Madonna & Child (flickr)
photo (2) by bcostin (flickr)

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