Vision4Life logoOur Bible Study and Prayer Evening on Thursday 17th June 2010 focussed on the Prayer Labyrinth.

This was my first experience of a Prayer Labyrinth, and I sincerely hope not my last.  Never have I experienced an evening of prayer like it.

Fleet URC LabyrinthThere were twenty stations marked out for us to follow in the church garden, each with a Bible reading and a prayer – some were extremely thought-provoking, others very testing, and after meditation and prayer all created an emotional roller coaster.

The first station was ‘Remember your Childhood – what to thank God for’, with a suggested reading of Mark 10:13 – difficult for some, depending on our childhood memories.

Another – ‘Give thanks for your best teachers’ (Romans 12:7).

‘Give thanks for family past and present’ (2 Timothy 1:5).  Remembering past family and the influence they had on us, are we as good an influence on present family?

‘What do you think God wants you to do with your life?’ (Exodus 3: 10).

‘In what ways have you pleased God?’ (Romans 12:21).

‘In what ways have you hurt God?’ (1 Corinthians 15: 8-9).

Katie Walking LabyrinthThe meditations continued in this vein, really challenging, really making each of us look deeply at ourselves and our daily lives.  I questioned where God really was in my life – do I love God above all else?  Is God really number one?  Am I truly willing to be obedient, a humble servant, really doing my very best for God?  Do I really think of God every moment of my day, or do those prayers only get said when things are going wrong?  Do I always thank God in the way I should?  Do I ask forgiveness for all my sins, or am I so much in this world that I don’t even recognise just how much I hurt God?

On to Station 19 – ‘Prepare to go back into the world’ (Hebrews 10:23).  Yes, Lord, I need to stay focussed.

Finally Station 20 – ‘Praise God for the past, the present and the future’ (Psalm 150) – Lord, thank you for every experience, but especially for the Labyrinth, and the way it has brought me to my knees, truly worshipping YOU.

Fleet Labyrinth 1I am sure everyone went through a multitude of feelings, and very deep thoughts.  We were all changed by this evening spent with our Lord and Father in prayer and meditation.

It was a truly wonderful reminder of how important prayer is, and it took this Year of Prayer so much further.

Molly Frampton

(Photo 2 – ‘Katie Walking Labyrinth’ © JamesJen, Wikimedia Commons)

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