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computer personThis website is for you.

We would welcome your comments.  Why not tell us what you like (or don’t like) about it and whether there is anything that you’d like to see added?

To do this, please use the ‘Comment’ facility below, or email the Website Coordinator.

10 comments on “Invitation to Comment on the Website

  1. I just love your website. It is so friendly and easy to use.

    I also think that it embodies what I know of the ethos of both your church and your congregation.

    Well done!


  2. What a beautiful Church, I’m impressed. Here in Amble we work very well with the URC they are an inspiration to the churches here because for nearly 2 years they managed with no Minister, just the Lay people keeping the whole thing going. Now they have only a part time minister so still lots of work involved for members and sharing with all of us in our Churches Together, which is a strong movement here. Lucienne

  3. URC in Fleet is very special church to me.
    Its not just a building but its a place where I learn a lot about Jesus’s Love and Faith during my stay in UK.
    The wonderful church members and the Minister not only welcome us as a friend but into the URC’s family regardless of background or race.
    Im looking forward to join the Sunday service for my next visit to UK. At the moment still raising the fund for the air ticket from Singapore =D .
    Praise for the URC’s’s excellent!!
    God Bless.

    Erna Wijaya

  4. I love this website, there’s always something new here! I’m just setting up a similar site for the URC in Bexleyheath. I just hope I can make ours as interesting as yours.

  5. What a good website – clear message, easy to navigate and the style reflects the friendly and welcoming nature of the congregation. The fact that the information is up to date makes the viewer think that Fleet URC is a lively place to visit. Well done!

  6. Oops, I think I just commented in the wrong spot. I wanted to comment on the website and how wonderful I think it is. I enjoyed looking at all the activities your church participates in and how everyone looks so happy to be with one another. What a blessing you have in one another and your wonderful church.
    -Lisa Harms, Red Bluff, California, USA

  7. What can I say but that the web page has grown from strength to strength. It is funny to think of not having one now.
    It certainly looks very modern and very easy to navigate around. I would just like to also say “Thank you” to Christine Gibbons for keeping everything neat and tidy and up to date.
    Well done.

    Darrell Henderson Farnborough Hampshire

  8. Christine, you have altered the Home page, haven’t you? It certainly looks very fresh and nice. I love the beautiful, changing, pictures too. You do a fantastic job.

  9. Hallo again. I am continually impressed with your programmes and outreach. Here in Amble (Northumberland) the churches together are sad to hear that our United Reform Church are not ever to have a minister again. They had a part time one for a little while, but now they have been informed that noone is available. So make the most of your ministers and activities, and be prepared for the uncertainty of the future. Love to you all, keep faith with one another. Lucienne

  10. I think it is an excellent website – nice to get around and with lots of news on what has been happening. I love to see all the photos and read what is going on.

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