Good News from Palani Mission

We were delighted to hear from Revd John Abraham that two of the girls we have been sponsoring to train as community nurses have passed their final examinations with distinction, and are now employed.  Ms Elamathy is working in the Palani Mission Hospital, and Ms Soumiya has a placement in her native village.  Our congratulations to them both!  Priya and Leela, our latest students, are busy with their studies and doing well.

The money we raised to repair roofs has given at least four houses shelter from the rain and sun.  One of these belongs to an elderly widow with no children, who lives alone.  When asked how she managed to live in such a leaking house, she replied, “Jesus is my umbrella.”  What faith!

Finally, we have received the happy news of the marriage of Nithya and Gopi (Emmanuel).  The following photos show their Hindu wedding.  There will be a Christian blessing later.

To read more about the work of Palani Mission see here.

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