Footsteps Lead the Way

Our morning worship today was conducted entirely by our young people’s group, Footsteps.  What an inspiring service it was!  Members of this group range in age from 6 to 15, and they have spent several weeks producing a special banner for the church to illustrate the theme, ‘Walking the Way’.  Inspired by colourful Latin American crosses, every member of the group has designed a felt square to illustrate an aspect of church life that inspires them.  Put together, these squares form a striking cross, which makes up the main body of the banner.

The banner was unveiled at the start of the service, after which each young person came forward to show their contribution to the congregation and to explain what it represented.  These accounts were interspersed with hymns, Bible readings, prayers, musical items, and a video, all written, chosen or performed by our Footsteps group.  Even the youngest members of our church family had a part to play, whether helping their mothers light a candle or read a gospel story, or by taking the offertory.

As youth leader Grace Bagshaw pointed out in her introduction to the service, it is often said that our young people are our future, but they are more than this – they are already significant members of our congregation.  We are truly blessed by their presence.

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One comment on “Footsteps Lead the Way

  1. How wonderful to see so many young people contributing to your service in so many ways.
    Well done Grace, Ruth and team and the children.

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