Five Gold Rings – Revisited

Have you got a favourite poem?  A book?  A place?  Maybe there is a special person who has inspired you, or a particular philosophy of life that you have made your own?

Five Gold RingsLast year, one of our church members wrote on this website about his personal ‘Five Gold Rings’ – things that were particularly meaningful to him.  (See this link.)  After reading his article, many people were prompted to reflect on their own list.

Encouraged by this response, we are inviting people to rise to the challenge: let us know what your own ‘Five Rings’ are – ie your favourite poem, book, place, person and philosphy.  Share with us the reason they are so meaningful to you.

BookletWe are hoping to receive enough contributions to put together in a commemorative booklet for our centenary year.

For more information, or to submit articles, please contact:

Christine Gibbons

Tel: 01252 614200


The deadline for contributions is
30 September 2012.

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