Fish Cages for Bangladesh

In recent weeks our children and young people have been collecting small change to provide fish cages for families in deprived areas of Bangladesh.

Collecting for BangladeshIn places where land is scarce, many face a constant struggle to get nutritious food for themselves and their families.  However the charity Practical Action is helping people to ‘grow’ fish in their local ponds by using a specially designed cage – or ‘Hapa’ – and feeding them on nothing more than scraps and waste.  Each Hapa Fish Cage costs £7, and although quite simple it can feed a family for the rest of their lives, with surplus to sell.

Our young people collected a total of £154 to send to Practical Action, which is enough to provide 22 fish cages.  A big thank you to everyone in the church who supported them.

Bee Griffiths

(You can read more about Hapa Fish Cages and the work of Practical Action by clicking here.)

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