Easter Morning

Easter Morning: A Reflection from the Pre-School Group

There were no lights on in the church
and the cross was bare.

Easter crossPeople wandered in, young and old
to add their single flower to the cross;
Easter was too late this year for daffodils
and so we brought what we could find or buy,
tulips and carnations interwoven with forget-me-nots and dandelions.

Children who usually wriggle and chatter, sat still
listening to the Easter story, simply told…
maracasand then the church was filled with light and noise;
the organ and an electric guitar,
recorders and whistles,
home made shakers and babies’ rattles.

Harris who is 3 was sitting on his whistle!
He looked around bemused,
wondering why today was so different.
Wondering why it was the adults making the noise,
and then…  slowly…  a smile crept across his face,
the energy and the noise was infectious
and he began to clap!

Jill Worship

One comment on “Easter Morning

  1. It was the Dandelions which caught my eye. They had wilted badly as if they needed a drink. They couldn’t compete with the Camellias and all those other eye-catching blooms at the top. You see, the Dandelions were sort of poor relations, placed at the very bottom by tiny hands which couldn’t reach any higher. Thank you for the Dandelions whoever placed them there . . . I thought they took first prize.

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