Commitment for Life Celebrates 20 Years

A message from Commitment for Life Coordinator, Linda Mead:

CfL 20 YearsThis year we are celebrating 20 years of Commitment for Life.  That’s 20 years of being part of an inspiring movement for change.

During that time countless developments and improvements have taken place.  This support has enabled so many people and communities to help themselves out of poverty by learning new skills for work, education, health care, business and politics.

We hope that you will join with us in celebrating the achievements of the programme.  Check our website,, where you will find a special ‘celebrate 2012’ page, with lots of ideas and resources.

Every one of your contributions makes a real difference to our partner countries.  Thank you for all you do to encourage giving in your church, alongside campaigning and praying for a fairer world.

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