Commitment for Life Appeal

Have you ever looked at a paperclip…raw material formed into a line, then bent into almost two loops, closing but not quite closed, sides touching, generally without overlapping, clipping papers together – those papers can instruct, encourage, entrust, develop and bring hope.

People with one penny, one prayer, combined with other people, pennies and prayers, looping together, one door may close while others open, outreach in communities in need, touching people and organisations, helping one person who is then able to help and encourage others, either directly or indirectly bringing hope to communities, passing on knowledge, through Commitment for Life and their partner organisations who are working with the actual individuals to discover what they want help with and what needs they have, not hand-outs, not pity, but hope and help to build the life they want to lead in their communities, not what we think they need but what is right for their culture and community situations.

Click here to read the CforL magazine for stories and updates on their work under their new motto:  ‘Life-giving faith, defiant hope, generous love.’

Please give generously to see how much we can raise by 21st Oct – Peacemaking Sunday.   {Even if you do not feel led to give a monetary donation or as many of you will already have done so in other ways throughout the year, please use the envelope as a prayer pointer to pray for CforL and their partner organisations.}

Thank you for your support,

Tamyra Sherratt

Fleet URC Commitment for Life Link Person

(Click here for more information about Commitment for Life, the world development programme of the United Reformed Church.

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