Christingle Service

Our Minister led our Christingle and Carol Service on the evening of 22 December.  The day before, several volunteers got together to assemble 100 Christingles ready for the service.

ChristingleThe Moravian Church has held Christingle services for over two hundred years.  This is what the Christingles represent:

  • ChristingleThe orange represents the world:
    “It’s rounded
    like an orange, this earth on which we stand; and we praise the God who holds it in his hand.  So, Father, we would thank you for all that you have done, and for all that you have given us through the coming of your Son.”
  • The candle reminds us of Jesus, whom we believe to be the light of the world.
    “A candle burning brightly can cheer the darkest night; and these candles tell how Jesus came to bring a dark world light.”
  • The red ribbon goes all round the ‘world’ and, being the colour of blood, reminds us that Jesus died for us.
    “The ribbon round the orange reminds us of the cost; how the Shepherd, strong and gentle, gave his life to save the lost.”
  • The four cocktail sticks represent the four seasons and the harvest.
    “Four seasons with their harvest supply the food we need; and the Spirit gives a harvest that can make us rich indeed.”
  • The sweets and dried fruit remind us of God’s gifts to the world, including kindness and his sweet love.
    “We come with our Christingles to tell of sweet Jesus’ birth; and we praise the God who blessed us by his coming to this earth.”
  • The foil reflects God’s love to us all.
    “We have a piece of silver that reflects the love the world lacks; it also protects our fingers from any falling wax!”


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  1. Please could I use your Christingle image for my explanation which will go to local schools, facebook and youtube?

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