Catching the Light

Sheila Durbin, one of our Church members and a regular contributor to this website, has just had her first book of poetry published.  The volume is entitled ‘Catching the Light’, and Sheila says that her chief sources of inspiration are the natural world and her Christian faith.

“Recently, one of my main themes has been the ways in which one’s view of the world and experience of life Sheila Durbinchange as one grows older, and also the ways in which they remain the same,” she added.

“Writing poetry is a source of great pleasure and is something that one can do as well, if not better, in later life.  And that is something to be truly thankful for.”

Minister Stephen Thornton commented, “It is well said that we have been given two books where we can read about God – they are the Bible and the world about us.  In her poems Sheila displays a very perceptive eye, seeing things that others miss, and she never fails to read God in everything.  Reading ‘Catching the Light’ we are given deep insights into the world around us and glorious truths about God.”

The book is available from LivingStones Bookshop in Fleet Road, Fleet; or it can be purchased by contacting Church Treasurer John Gibbons on 01252 614200.  The price is £3.50, and all money raised from its sale will go to Fleet United Reformed Church charities.

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