‘Brightness Falls from the Air’

Brightness Falls from the Air‘Brightness Falls from the Air’ is a second book of poems by Sheila Durbin.  Sheila’s poems are well known by regular readers of this website, but this is an entirely new collection.

Sheila’s love of words and use of language, together with her thoughts and deep faith in God spring from every page.  There is so much contained within so few lines.

A sample poem:


At some time, late or soon
We shall all go down to the sea
From whence our life came,
And the plucking fingers of water
Will loosen, release those knots
Which we could never untie
Till we sleep in the swell of the deep:
Deep waters
Where Christ will come to us
And smiling, will hold out his hand.

Sheila Durbin

‘Brightness Falls from the Air’ is available priced £3.50 from John Gibbons (01252 61420001252 614200).

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