Baptism of Jake Peter Hermanson

We were delighted to welcome Christine Webb and Charl Hermanson as they brought their baby son, Jake Peter Hermanson, for baptism at this morning’s service – our second baptism this Advent.

Jake’s godparents were Tracey Webb and Sean Hermanson, and he was supported by many more family members and friends.  Our minister, Revd Ruth Dillon, conducted the service.

Ruth observed that baptism is a sacrament, where we recognise God’s transforming and loving presence in Jake’s life as he becomes part of God’s family.  God has already known Jake since the moment he was conceived, and has loved and cherished him.  Today we brought him before God, for God to claim and bless him as he journeys through life.

How wonderful it was to see our church full to overflowing once more.

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