Baptism of Isla Beth Chevalier

The baptism of Isla Beth Chevalier was celebrated on Sunday, 4 August during the family service.  Isla is pictured here with Revd Ruth Dillon, who conducted the service, and her parents Zoe and Dan Chevalier and sister Eve.

It had been planned that Isla should be baptised on 7 April, at the same time as her cousin Eden Cheyne.  However Isla caught chickenpox a few days beforehand, and so her special day had to be delayed!

Baptism of Isla Beth Chevalier

Baptism of Isla Beth Chevalier

One comment on “Baptism of Isla Beth Chevalier

  1. Congratulations little Isla on this wonderful day.
    Wishing the entire family all the best on this special and momentous day. May it bring lots of love, joy and happiness.
    God Bless

    Much Love,
    Erna & Amos

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