A Final Letter from our Interim Moderator

To my dear Friends at Fleet United Reformed Church:

Revd Iain StewartWell, it has come to that time when I must hand you over to your new minister, Ruth Dillon. As I do so I want to thank you all for the wonderful welcome you have given me during my time as Interim Moderator. It has been a joy getting to know so many of you and seeing you through the process of finding another pastor. At the beginning it seemed a difficult task as your sister church was to be Beacon Hill, so many miles away, and you had had almost no communication in the past. But God, who is able to sort out our little difficulties, was with you. I was thankful that Graham Hoslett, who also lives in Guildford and is my own minister, was the Interim Moderator for Beacon Hill. We were able to liaise with each other over cups of coffee!

There has been much to sort out between the two churches, but through it all you have become friends and the future looks bright for working with Ruth and doing the Lord’s kingdom work on earth. So, it is with some feelings of regret that I hand you over to a worthy minister. I am sure you will support her, and pray for her, as she settles in to a scattered two churches. We hope she likes driving but, more importantly, that she will revel driving you all along the road of God’s Kingdom.

I also pass you on to the Lord, and the Cross, which is at the heart of all that we try to do. He loves you and gave Himself for your salvation, praise His name.

God Bless

Iain Stewart

2 comments on “A Final Letter from our Interim Moderator

  1. Dear Fleet URC
    Please excuse an out of the blue enquiry but I would like if possible to contact Rev Iain Stewart. I googled his name and found this link. I was converted to Christ through Rev Stewart’s ministry in 1971 while I was a student at Canterbury (specifically through meeting him when I visited our college CU and he was also visiting). Subsequently I attended his church while I was there. My purpose is simply to greet him and hopefully catch up very briefly on life since. Apart from a visit I paid him while he was still in Canterbury we have not had any contact.
    If you are able to put me in touch with him I would be most grateful. If that is not possible so be it. I remain grateful to Rev Stewart for simply and clearly pointing me to Jesus and for God’s goodness in bringing me to Himself.
    with thanks
    Chris, Tunbridge Wells
    (Name and email supplied)

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